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Happy Cat Pure Supercritical CO2 Extracted Oil:
cannasseurs ask for it by name.

oil-homeHappy Cat uses premium, award-winning CO2-extracted cannabis oils to produce high quality, pure, and potent products with robust, full flavor for health, taste and effect.

Happy Cat products are available in strain-specific flavors and blends including Sativa, Indica, hybrid and high CBD.

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Cannabis connoisseurs consider Happy Cat supercritical extracted cannabis oil to be the purest, cleanest, clearest and most potent golden-amber CO2 cannabis oil on the market.

Happy Cat oil is delicately refined. It has a naturally high terpene level, a smooth taste and unparalleled flavor. It is rich, with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids…straight from the flower.



We also offer processing services for growers. Contact us for more information.

New Products Are On The Way!

We are in the final stages of our extensive R&D process and are poised to deliver some new and amazing products next month. Stay tuned!