Happy Cat Pure Supercritical CO2 Extracted Oil

Pure and Good

Happy Cat oil is delicately refined. It has a naturally high terpene level, a smooth taste and unparalleled flavor. It is rich, with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids…straight from the flower.


Cannasseurs agree that our process produces a superior oil.

CO2 is carbon dioxide, a completely natural gas vital to plant and animal life. CO2 is non-toxic, it is environmentally safe, and is safe for use in the ingestible products CO2 Organics provides.

Our products give customers the best natural representation of strain-specific flower possible. We strive to create a richer, more engaging customer experience each and every time.

Happy Cat products are available in strain-specific flavors and blends: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and High CBD.

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We offer the purest, cleanest, clearest and most potent
golden-amber CO2 cannabis oil on the market.

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