Our commitment is you, our children and the Earth.

We lovingly grow flower using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and our CO2 extraction process uses pure, naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide to extract the goodness of our plants to produce beautiful, clear concentrates for dabbing, adding to flower, ingesting with foods, using topically, or any other way you can think of.


With every CO2 Organics Happy Cat product, what’s NOT inside is just as important as what IS inside.


Imitators may use unrefined methods for extracting the THC and CBD from flower and trim, only to end up with oil still containing many contaminants that are harmful with long-term use. Not us.

WHAT’S NOT INSIDE: NO Isobutane, NO N-Butane, NO Infused Terpenes, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Polyethylene Glycol, NO Vegetable Glycerine, NO Ethanol, NO Heptane, NO Methanol, NO Isoproponal, NO Hexane, NO Naphtha, NO Mercaptan, NO Propane, NO Pentane, NO Additives at all.


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