We had the pleasure to have the editor of Northwest Leaf magazine, Mr. Wes Abney and his fantastic photographer Daniel Berma, come and visit our production and processing facility. We gave them a glimpse inside our proprietary methods and what all goes into producing our Supercritical CO2 extracted oil and products.

This May edition of Northwest Leaf also contains some real sound information on concentrates that discusses what to know, what to avoid. What to look for when it comes to concentrates including six wonderful things to know about them that you may not have heard of before.

Here is the Article from Northwest Leaf…


Make sure you pick up the latest issue and ask your favorite budtender about getting CO2 Organics Happy Cat products on their shelves so you, too, have access to them locally.

Are you a Happy Cat?… do you want to be?

CO2 Organics – Nominated for Best Concentrate and Best Company Branding/Marketing for the 2014 Dope Magazine Industry Awards

DOPe sponsor
CO2 Organics is especially thankful to everyone that nominated us for Best Concentrate and Best Company Branding/Marketing for Happy Cat in the 2014 DOPE Industry awards.With those nominations we certainly appreciate your “votes” for our respected classes.

There are 24 separate classes of nominations of which
CO2 Organics is nominated for Best Concentrate (see nomination #12)
Best Company Branding/Marketing (see nomination #21).

Click on the following link and then make your selections to vote for the 2014 DOPE Industry Awards.

Keep in mind that in order to cast your vote you will need to cast a vote for each of the 24 nominated classes, so have fun with it!


On Saturday August 23rd, CO2 Organics Happy Cat succeeded in achieving the first ever Three Time Best CO2 Concentrate in the State of Washington.
First it was the 2014 DOPE CUP for Best CO2 Concentrate with our Sour Diesel with over 17% terpenes! Next it was the 2014 MMJ CONCENTRATES CUP for Best CO2 Concentrate – Sativa with our Dream Queen boasting over 84% THC and just under 10% terpenes! Then, on August 23rd we just won the 2014 HARVEST CUP at the 2nd Annual Harvest Fest NW for Best CO2 Concentrate again.
Congratulations to the entire TEAM at CO2 Organics – Happy Cat, and of course, a special thanks to all our loyal customers.

CO2 Organics wins the 2nd Annual 2014 MMJ Concentrates Cup award for Best CO2 Concentrate

CO2 Organics wins the 2nd Annual 2014 MMJ Concentrates Cup award for Best CO2 Concentrate – Sativa with our Dream Queen at over 84% THC and just less than 10% Terpenes.

This year CO2 Organics Happy Cat was proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2014 2nd Annual MMJ Concentrates Cup Dope Cup in Black Diamond, WA on June 21st. We had three dabbing bars set up and used two of our Electro Dabber units which we were offering attendees to try out our award winning “CO2 Organics” Happy Cat CO2 Oil Concentrate.

Our team was on hand at the MMJ Universe market and they rocked the day with so much help and insight and information for all who attended. Everyone was absolutely blown away with the taste and purity of our strains and how smooth each hit truly is, and of course the effect of our pure CO2 Oil. We received countless compliments from everyone there and that alone was a true blessing for us.

The highlight of the evening was when we were awarded the second annual MMJ CONCENTRTATES CUP award for the Best CO2 Concentrate for our Dream Queen which battled against over 90 other entries from across the state. Jerry Mead and most of the crew from CO2 Organics were on hand that evening to accept the distinguished award.

The event took place at the MMJ Universe market located at 26130 SE Green Valley Rd. Black Diamond, WA 98010 The Concentrate Cup blended the best of the Medical Cannabis concentrate scene into one jam-packed day of dabbing, seminars, vending and food trucks in scenic Black Diamond. This year featured a one day festival which went from 10am-10pm for both recreational users 21+, and MMJ patients 18+.

CO2 Organics was a main sponsor of the event, and also supplied the goody bag with pure samples of our concentrate for all to try. We promoted the use of our CO2 Organics CO2 oil together a team of the 420 Nurses from the Seattle Chapter, who represented beautifully with their Dab Kit tops and Happy Cat bottoms.

Adream was also present with his stunning representation of the epic Happy Cat lion with a painting that blew us all away! Thank you so much Adream for your creativity and genius.

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2014 – 2nd Annual MMJ Concentrate Cup Competition

CO2 Organics will be competing in the 2014 MMJ 2nd Annual Concentrates Cup on June 21st with our award winning Happy Cat – CO2 Organics Dream Queen strain.

The Concentrates Cup blends the best of the Medical Cannabis Concentrate and Recreational Concentrates scene into one jam-packed day of dabbing, seminars, vending and food trucks in scenic Black Diamond.

This year features a one day festival, open from 10am-10pm for recreational users 21+ and MMJ patients 18+.

We hope you all get a chance to come and support us and cheer us on.cup

You Hold the Key

With our products…“You” Now Hold The Key

What key you may ask?

At Tantus, LLC we see ourselves as the Stewards of the keys. And we sincerely understand that care and compassion are cornerstones to being good stewards. We recognize the seriousness of being good stewards not only with our products and respect for our customers and their expectations, but also for our natural resources, our community, the environment and our planet.

For the past 77 years, cannabis and hemp products have been largely prohibited and kept away from the people. Because of that prohibition, producers and processors were forced to be underground in an industry that has had no regulation in regards to proper, safe production of quality products for the end user. Up until now it has been a free-for-all for producers and processors and no one ever truly knew how products had been grown and processed and exactly what was put into them. Many pesticides, fungicides, hormones, toxic chemicals and toxic solvents can be added along the way to the end user. These can negatively affect an individual with short or long term use, and create internal damage or other negative side effects that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, even today many still want to rush their products to market without the integrity of what goes in and what comes out of the plants. This all inevitably gets passed on to the consumer.

We are passionate about every product and brand that Tantus, LLC produces. From our natural gardening process, to the love and care that goes into producing all of our high quality and premium products. Our customers can always expect the highest level of quality and purity; that’s what is important to us and to our customers.

It’s our process and inevitably what’s inside our product that’s important to know … however… just as important is what’s NOT inside.

With our clean and natural process we’re able to monitor from seed to sale what goes into producing a quality product for our customers and by doing so, we’ve unlocked the most natural and safe product of its kind.

We have worked hard to efficiently produce and offer superior, natural products on a priority basis.

Tantus, LLC has a responsibility to our customers and we are passionate about that responsibility.

We’re committed to delivering Happiness and developing more Happy Cat’s.

Are you a HAPPY CAT?