You Hold the Key

With our products…“You” Now Hold The Key

What key you may ask?

At Tantus, LLC we see ourselves as the Stewards of the keys. And we sincerely understand that care and compassion are cornerstones to being good stewards. We recognize the seriousness of being good stewards not only with our products and respect for our customers and their expectations, but also for our natural resources, our community, the environment and our planet.

For the past 77 years, cannabis and hemp products have been largely prohibited and kept away from the people. Because of that prohibition, producers and processors were forced to be underground in an industry that has had no regulation in regards to proper, safe production of quality products for the end user. Up until now it has been a free-for-all for producers and processors and no one ever truly knew how products had been grown and processed and exactly what was put into them. Many pesticides, fungicides, hormones, toxic chemicals and toxic solvents can be added along the way to the end user. These can negatively affect an individual with short or long term use, and create internal damage or other negative side effects that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, even today many still want to rush their products to market without the integrity of what goes in and what comes out of the plants. This all inevitably gets passed on to the consumer.

We are passionate about every product and brand that Tantus, LLC produces. From our natural gardening process, to the love and care that goes into producing all of our high quality and premium products. Our customers can always expect the highest level of quality and purity; that’s what is important to us and to our customers.

It’s our process and inevitably what’s inside our product that’s important to know … however… just as important is what’s NOT inside.

With our clean and natural process we’re able to monitor from seed to sale what goes into producing a quality product for our customers and by doing so, we’ve unlocked the most natural and safe product of its kind.

We have worked hard to efficiently produce and offer superior, natural products on a priority basis.

Tantus, LLC has a responsibility to our customers and we are passionate about that responsibility.

We’re committed to delivering Happiness and developing more Happy Cat’s.

Are you a HAPPY CAT?